I’d like to blog. I like to write. I have so many things going through my head. But how do I write them all down? Many thoughts are personal and don’t belong in the WWW. Others are too superficial – such subjects are best left to those who actually know what they are talking about.

I could write about my personal experiences, decisions, dreams. I could write about why I’ve begun to eat only vegan food, why I live in Germany, what I love about The Netherlands, where I plan to travel to over the next few months. I could write about social media – my job and biggest hobby. I could write about running and my never-ending knee pain that no orthopedic surgeon seems able to explain or fix.

But who would read all that?

Should writing go unread?

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The Sky

I think I can touch the sky
Swing on the aeroplane trails
If I just climb through the window

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The Fairytale

We all want it. Boy and girl meet; fall madly in love with each other; live happily ever after.

Where does it come from, this idea of everlasting love? It’s obviously not a new premise (remember Romeo and Juliet?). The question is: Is our premise romantic of love genetically inbred, or is it merely a product of plays and Hollywood films?

The question begs to be asked: The chicken or the egg?

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Breakfast With Me

I wish you were here to have breakfast with me
Read the newspaper, drink some coffee
and talk with me
Listen to the birds, what’s happening in the world
Have you heard that song
and did you hear about her
and should we go out for dinner
I just want you here
For breakfast
and the times in between

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Ah, to be Proud!

Sometimes I surprise myself. I surprise myself by achieving things I never actually thought I was capable of doing. And I’m far too unmodest not to announce to the world how proud I am of my little self.

Today I managed to create a nice facebook profile header photo by fiddling around with some image editing software (thanks Gimp!) and following some well-written instructions from this guy. Thanks so much Walter – I’m very pleased with the outcome 😀

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Social Media is Cool

Have you ever heard of the YouTube Symphony Orchestra?

I’d heard of it the first time it was created in 2009, and missed it this time round – almost. I was doing my morning twitter-check this morning when I saw the Sydney Opera House was trending. I may not be from Sydney, but it’s a damned sight closer to my home city of Mackay than the Brandenburg Gate, so I became curious. To my surprise I discovered this year’s YouTube Symphony’s grand finale was taking place at that very moment and being broadcast live out into the great world of YouTube. So I tuned in.

I was ridiculuously impressed.

I was impressed for a number of reasons. Firstly, the music was fantastic. I am not a professional musician; indeed, I am very out of practise. But I played in an orchestra in my youth and as a result have a deep respect for such music and people who create and perform it today. I am especially impressed and, yes, happy, when I see young people playing in orchestras. It kind of makes me feel like not all is yet lost in society. There are still people of my generation and the next who succumb to the magic of classical music. There’s something very innocent and good about it.

I was also impressed by the medium through which the whole orchestra and concert was brought together. Musicians from thirty-three countries uploaded videos of themselves to YouTube in order to be chosen to participate in the orchestra. I find the idea astonishing: One is involved in one’s own life and world, one’s own music; then suddenly in an orchestra full of strangers. Not only is this one person new, but all are strangers to each other. Music is the things that binds them.

It’s a little far-fetched to say that without social media, these people might never have met. But it’s unlikely to have been in this form, in this dimension. In any case, it’s a brilliant example of social media bringing people together in the ‘real’ world. And what will be the common thread holding these people together on their return home to their respective countries, their respective worlds and lives? It will still be music, for sure. But the friendships, which will stretch countries and continents – it will inevitably be social media that helps to sustain them.

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It’s great to feel happy. Obviously.

As I’m prone to doing, I was just contemplating the big and little things that we all strive for our whole lives. In a recent post it was love. This time it’s happiness.

Music always manages to ‘positivify’ me if I’m feeling crappy and intensify my happiness if I’m already feeling good.

For various reasons, this song, especially this version from Sting’s Berlin concert in 2010 (the full version of which I can’t embed here because this function has been deactivated by the YouTube user) is, for me, pure happiness. I am happy when I hear this song because of great music, because of where I was when it was recorded, and because of who I was with at the time.

Everything is never perfect; everything is not always positive. Unless you choose to see it that way.

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