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It’s great to feel happy. Obviously. As I’m prone to doing, I was just contemplating the big and little things that we all strive for our whole lives. In a recent post it was love. This time it’s happiness. Music … Continue reading

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So here I am again: Sitting in an aircraft, god knows how far above our beloved earth, wondering if it will stay in the air long enough for me and my fellow passengers to reach our destination. It didn’t help … Continue reading

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Die Frage aller Fragen

Spätestens beim Anschauen einer alten Ally McBeal-Folge (ja okay, sie sind jetzt alle nicht mehr ganz aktuell ^^), kommt ein Mädchen wieder mal in Gedanken über die Bedeutung der “wahren Liebe”. Gibt es sie? Wenn ja – finden wir sie … Continue reading

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The hassle of returning home in the middle of the day to wait for the heating guy to turn up seemed at first a real pain in the backside. Upon arriving home, however, sweaty and puffing from riding my bike … Continue reading

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I went to the place today Where we said goodbye And my heart broke in two I sat on the wall And hoped you’d come by And stop me from falling Catcher of dreams Catch my tears Sing me to … Continue reading

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Amongst the Waves

Listening to this, I feel a sense of freedom; freedom that, for me, only the ocean can offer. Thank you, Pearl Jam, and thank you to planet earth for the freedom you offer your inhabitants. If only humans didn’t get … Continue reading

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Es wundert mich immer wieder, dass Flugzeuge in der Luft bleiben. Wenn man sich in seinem Economy-Class-Sitz zurücklehnt und wirklich überlegt, ist die Tatsache, dass hunderter (tausender? keine Ahnung) Tonnen Stahl, Plastik, Technik, Essen, unglaublich schlechter Kaffee, Scheiße und alles … Continue reading

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