It’s great to feel happy. Obviously.

As I’m prone to doing, I was just contemplating the big and little things that we all strive for our whole lives. In a recent post it was love. This time it’s happiness.

Music always manages to ‘positivify’ me if I’m feeling crappy and intensify my happiness if I’m already feeling good.

For various reasons, this song, especially this version from Sting’s Berlin concert in 2010 (the full version of which I can’t embed here because this function has been deactivated by the YouTube user) is, for me, pure happiness. I am happy when I hear this song because of great music, because of where I was when it was recorded, and because of who I was with at the time.

Everything is never perfect; everything is not always positive. Unless you choose to see it that way.

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One Response to Happiness

  1. Arne says:

    Sometimes it is enough to correct the settings of your chair to feel better. Didn’t you learn that today? 😉
    But I’m totally with you on the music part. It is a very effective way to lighten up your mood if you choose the right sound.

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