I’d like to blog. I like to write. I have so many things going through my head. But how do I write them all down? Many thoughts are personal and don’t belong in the WWW. Others are too superficial – such subjects are best left to those who actually know what they are talking about.

I could write about my personal experiences, decisions, dreams. I could write about why I’ve begun to eat only vegan food, why I live in Germany, what I love about The Netherlands, where I plan to travel to over the next few months. I could write about social media – my job and biggest hobby. I could write about running and my never-ending knee pain that no orthopedic surgeon seems able to explain or fix.

But who would read all that?

Should writing go unread?

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2 Responses to Quandary

  1. Bernd Kulow says:

    Your writing is baffingly simple and very pleasing to read. You are a writer. So as a writer you might just want to write and skip the reader for the time being. They´ll come.

  2. Why thank you, Bernd 🙂

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