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I’d like to blog. I like to write. I have so many things going through my head. But how do I write them all down? Many thoughts are personal and don’t belong in the WWW. Others are too superficial – … Continue reading

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The Sky

I think I can touch the sky Swing on the aeroplane trails If I just climb through the window

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The Fairytale

We all want it. Boy and girl meet; fall madly in love with each other; live happily ever after. Where does it come from, this idea of everlasting love? It’s obviously not a new premise (remember Romeo and Juliet?). The … Continue reading

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Breakfast With Me

I wish you were here to have breakfast with me Read the newspaper, drink some coffee and talk with me Listen to the birds, what’s happening in the world Have you heard that song and did you hear about her … Continue reading

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Ah, to be Proud!

Sometimes I surprise myself. I surprise myself by achieving things I never actually thought I was capable of doing. And I’m far too unmodest not to announce to the world how proud I am of my little self. Today I … Continue reading

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Social Media is Cool

Have you ever heard of the YouTube Symphony Orchestra? I’d heard of it the first time it was created in 2009, and missed it this time round – almost. I was doing my morning twitter-check this morning when I saw … Continue reading

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It’s great to feel happy. Obviously. As I’m prone to doing, I was just contemplating the big and little things that we all strive for our whole lives. In a recent post it was love. This time it’s happiness. Music … Continue reading

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