The hassle of returning home in the middle of the day to wait for the heating guy to turn up seemed at first a real pain in the backside. Upon arriving home, however, sweaty and puffing from riding my bike too fast (a bad habit of mine), I realised how nice it was to come into my flat in broad daylight, heat up some left-over spaghetti and watch the daily news from the comfort of my couch. The thoughts of time ‘wasted’ not sitting at my workdesk, of all the tasks I wasn’t presently accomplishing, well, they vanished. I felt refreshed and relaxed, and am sure I’ll be ready for another round of work on my return to the office this afternoon.

Apart from the fact that most people (I assume) don’t go out for a 10km bike-ride in their lunch hour, it also doesn’t seem that many people work a 9-5 week anymore. I assume this was once, some time last century, some sort of standard; the terminology ‘9-5’ must’ve come from somewhere. Most of us office people work something more like 8:30-5:30, and usually throw in another few hours of overtime on top of that. Is this healthy? I somehow feel a lot healthier today, mentally and physically, than on my usual 9-10 hour stint in the office. Even though I know I’ll return this afternoon and make up for the time I’ve missed.

The heating guy still hasn’t turned up yet, so I guess I’ll just enjoy it while I can.

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